Friday, 3 June 2016

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Hey there! So I decided I wanted to talk about my blogging process. I thought I would share how I plan my posts and how I construct my posts before I publish them.

When it comes to the initial planning of my posts I have started writing them in a notebook as I find it easier to plan them that way. I am also using a notebook to plan posts so I can write down ideas for future posts. I also keep a list of the blog posts I want to write in my bullet journal so I can keep track of the blog posts I have already written and the blog posts I want to write. I actually got this idea of using a notebook to plan blog posts as I have seen some people create a specific bullet journal for their blog and although I didn't want to do this per say as I like having everything in one bullet journal, I also didn't want to use my bullet journal to plan full blog posts. I also felt it would be a good way to utilise notebooks I don't have a use for.
When it comes to photos for my blog I cheat slightly. I use an app that allows me to create an image with typography which I use for most of my posts. I do take some of my own photos, especially when I am writing about something I have and want to talk about. I don't take photos often because I don't have an actual camera and pictures I do take are not particularly great quality. I also feel that there is an expectation within blogging that blog photos should be amazing and all bloggers are professional photographers. This is clearly not the case for me.
When I publish my blog post I use an app called Blogo. When I first started blogging I use the blogger app but it caused problems as when I would publish a post I had written a few days earlier, even if I had edited it on that day, it would say I posted it on a different day which would cause problems with bloglovin. That's when I discovered Blogo. The great thing about it is that I can schedule posts so I don't have to worry about publishing posts on specific days. The reason I use apps on my iPad instead of doing it on blogger on my laptop is that it is more convenient especially with my images. Plus I once tried to schedule a post through blogger and it didn't post any way.
It is not much of a process but I just wanted to share it to show not everyone's process is lengthy and 'professional'. I think there is a perception of bloggers that they spend hours on end creating the perfect post and yes that may be true for some bloggers but it's not the case for all bloggers. It shouldn't be seen as a requisite for new bloggers that they have to post really amazing, clean, professional content five times a week or they're not a 'real' blogger. If you have a particular process you go through when blogging feel free to share it in the comments below.
Thanks for reading!
Abbie. X


  1. It's really intriguing to read all about how your blogging process works, I love jotting down ideas in a notebook - who knows where you might find inspiration after all. X

  2. Wow, we have really different blogging processes but it's really interesting to see how different people do things! I don't usually write down things in a notebook but perhaps I will start! I usually just make notes on my iPad but I think that the notebook might encourage me to be a bit more expressive! Thanks for sharing this, it was an enjoyable read ❤️

    Abbey ✨


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