Sunday, 4 December 2016

Lifestyle | The end of an era

Hi everyone! I know I have fallen off the face of the earth since my last kind of update but I'm hoping to change that a little. I was thinking about how I could get back into blogging and realised that although I haven't fallen out of love with blogging I have fallen out of love with my blog. I'm not really sure why but I just dont feel the love for this blog any more. However, I know I don't want to give up blogging all together. I have decided I want to mix things up a bit so I have decided to start over with a new blog. It's a slight risk because I've built a small following on this blog so that might be lost but I just feel this is a risk worth taking. I had also been wanting a revamp for a while because I've never been particularly found of my blogs name although I had grown to like it a bit more recently so this is my chance to change things up. I'm not going to change my content up too much, maybe just add a bit more variety.

I am going to create a new blog on WordPress and possibly even buy my domain. I have said in the past this wasn't something I wanted to do but I thought it would be a lot more expensive than it actually is so I don't feel as bad about doing it. Im gutted I won't be able to use my current layout or header especially because I'm changing the name of my blog but I feel like I just need a change in name to something that feels like mine and doesn't feel like I copied it from someone else. I'm not going to have a 'launch' date, it'll just be live when it's ready which I'm hoping won't be too long because I'll make it simple and then when I get some more money I will probably buy a new layout and header. I also want to really try with my photos as well because I haven't done that as well as I could have on this blog. However, I am super excited to do this and hopefully it will be a good thing for my blogging slump.

Hopefully you follow me on Twitter as I will be posting updates about my new blog on there. It's sad that this will be my last post on this blog but I'm excited for a change!

Thanks for reading!

Abbie. X


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